His work

Erik Slutsky                                      About his work

Life is a series of moments made up of thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, real and imagined. They exist for a moment and then they become the past, memories, our own and our collective histories. This is where I seek my materials.

Our imagination is like a living dream, arising from the treasure box of our inner selves. When it's expressed in any form, it can become a work of art. This is how I create my work.

My paintings tell a story; mine and yours. The actual elements used are only the surface of the canvas, painted lines, forms, colours and shapes. And yet, it becomes something different, something greater when you add imagination, experience, talent and personal expression. Then a work of art is created.

These stories I tell are an expression of the wonder, love, fear, passion and sometimes, even the confusion I feel for this world and our own lives here. The paintings have lots of questions and the answers you'll have to find for yourselves.

Some will find these paintings resonate within them. If you feel moved, then you've  understood what I'm trying to say.

My work tells the tale of our lives; a story of love, justice, compassion, beauty, contentment and wonder. But life can also be a tale of hate, destruction, fear, social inequality and religious divisions. These are are also subjects I deal with.